• Wide Compatibility    Input:12V-24V, Output:5V/3A, Mini USB port. AZDOME hardwire kit connects the camera directly to the car, truck, bus, suvs, or big rig for continuous power, accepts voltage from any type of vehicles runs on 12-24V.
  • Battery Drain Protection System   This hardwire kit with over-heat, over-current and low voltage protection function, it can protect your car's battery when vehicle battery voltage was drops to 11.6V (12V input) or 23.6V (24V input), the control box will cut off the power, which leaves you with enough power to ignite the engine, and will not damage the battery.
  • 24 Hours Surveillance    Makes the parking monitor of your dashcam work! Keeps it powered even after the engine off, protect your car all the time! The vehicle hard-wire kit connected to a car battery or fuse box power can uninterruptedly supply power for the dash camera for 24hrs, prevent your car from being stolen while in the parking lot.It can even supply power when the car is turned off.
  • Easy Installation   No need to occupy the car cigarette lighter, just have the vehicle hardwire kit connected to car battery or fuse box power port, route the wire to the device position. Within minutes, you could finish the installation with little or no expertise required.Also, detailed instruction User Manuals provided in the package. TIPS: Please read the User Manual carefully before use.
  • Automatically switch parking mode    The Hardwire kit has ACC detection function, it sends a signal to the dashcam when the car is turned on and off, which can automatically turn the parking mode on and off. The YELLOW cable is connected to a continuous fuse (always supplies power, even when the ignition is off), The ACC RED cable is connected to a switched fuse (only supplies power when the ignition is on). The black cable is connected to the ground of the car.
  • 24-Month Warranty    The product covers a 24-month warranty and lifetime customer support, AZDOME will be your sides. If meet any problem please contact us, we will reply within 12 hours.