The AZDOME 2018 Indonesian International Consumer Electronics Show

The AZDOME 2018 Indonesian International Consumer Electronics Show

The 2018 Indonesian International Consumer Electronics Show opens in Jakarta. The event also invited many excellent domestic enterprises, in the electronic digital accessories industry from AZDOME is also on the invitation list.

AZDOME will bring two products of intelligent car products and 3C accessories. The products include traffic recorder, car emergency power supply, safety hammer, intelligent cloud monitoring and so on. AZDOME has been focusing on the combination of art and technology, each product has a concise, elegant appearance, into a variety of advanced technology, enhance the experience of the entire product, designed to provide users with the highest quality, the richest choice of products. At this exhibition, AZDOME will display the China manufacturing technology in the electronic field to the world.

AZDOME Executives

AZDOME Car Electronic Product

AZDOME Car Electronic Product

AZDOME 3C Products

At this exhibition, the leaders of the relevant Indonesian Science and Technology Bureau went to AZDOME to know about the related products. Having listened to the technicians'explanations of electronic products, he raised his thumbs and praised AZDOME's goal of deepening its brand in the Indonesian market. He also welcomed the arrival of AZDOME on behalf of Indonesia.

Indonesia Leaders Visit AZDOME

Indonesia Leaders Visit AZDOME


AZDOME 8th Anniversay Celebration
AZDOME is to exhibit at HongKong Electronics Fair, with new dash cam and 3C accessary


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