AZDOME 8th Anniversay Celebration

AZDOME 8th Anniversay Celebration

Time flies, AZDOME has gone through a brilliant 8 years. To celebrate AZDOME’s 8th anniversary birthday, a grand celebration with the theme of "Base on the intelligent cloud, target to the whole world" will be held on 18th, August, 2018.

AZDOME 8th Anniversay Celebration

In the past eight years, AZDOME has worked hard in the fierce market competition, and has accepted the baptism of the market. Even so, AZDOME still obtains many achievements. As a leading brand in the industry, AZDOME has been focusing on the research and development of the dash cams for many years. It has been striving to create high-quality products, constantly listening to users' demands. Besides that, AZDOME also committed to creating a safe driving environment for consumers through the innovative technology, high-quality products, good services and a spirit of enthusiasm.

For the AZDOME 8th anniversary this year, AZDOME hired a well-known comic designer to design a cartoon image "Duomi DOME". The mascot adopts the monkey elements and the hip-hop Dab gestures, which showing a happy image of the character. It means that AZDOME will be committed to younger people and keep up with the social trends, insight into the market attitude of the main consumers. It’s also the core concept of AZDOME O2O new retail marketing.

AZDOME 8th Anniversay Celebration

The success of AZDOME stems from the power of customer-centric and struggle-oriented core values. On the road of future exploration, AZDOME will stand at a new height, insist on technological innovation and product innovation, which build a quality and individuality environment.


Innovation is AZDOME's pursuit of philosophy. Whether it is before, now or in the future, AZDOME has always focused on quality. Faced with market demands, AZDOME is responsible for creating a safe and worry-free driving environment for users. Every time it is the opposite, it is closer to itself.


More importantly, in order to thank fans for your support over the past 8 years, AZDOME will prepare some surprise for all of you . And we also will offer some great discounts for you on 18th, August. The intensity of this event is comparable to the Amazon Prime Day. Don’t lose the chance, buy the best things with less money.


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