The Second Annual Summary Conference of AZDOME



From March 29th to 31st, The second Annual Summary of AZDOME with the theme of “Hold Dream, Create New” was held in Huizhou.


At this conference, AZDOME families wear a special red T-shirt and their white pants to attend.  The color RED embodies a number of positive beliefs, representing "made of China".


At this meeting, the chairman of AZDOME, Mr. Wayne reviewed achievement of 2018 and pointed that many problems exist in the work of each department. Besides, he made a program of AZDOME for this new year. 


Totally Thirty-seven members ( Thirteen majordomos and Twenty-four managers) represented each department to report about development program, research product, product procurement, manufacturing and marking in 2018.



We will hold the slogan “Enjoy Your Smart Life” to launch Smart Home Product, Personal Care Product, HUB and so on. Dash cam is no longer produced in 2019. AZDOME fights for honor.