AZDOME launched The World's Best Rear Mirror Camera Products

AZDOME launched The World's Best Rear Mirror Camera Products
AZDOME is a Chinese manufacturer specialized in the R&D and production of dash cam, with more than seven years of experience in R&D and production.

From Oct 11 - 14, AZDOME participated in the Fall 2017 HongKong Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show, the booth design is equipped with high-tech feeling, the smooth curve shaping and geometry structure makes AZDOME the center of attention.
With high-quality products, respected brand and the implementation of global operation strategy, AZDOME enjoys a certain famous reputation in international market, so AZDOME attracted a great number of customers to visit when the products were displayed. A continuous stream of visitors came to visit and consult, after the staff made a detailed introduction to the company and products, many customers expressed their cooperation intention, some partners even signed a contract with AZDOME on site, which forged a good beginning for AZDOME globalization.AZDOME products on the exhibition include DAB211, GS65H, GS63H, etc, their quality and configuration are very impressive, and became the popular products for customers to visit, a large number of overseas investors were attracted to discuss business.

At the HongKong exhibition, AZDOME also launched the products of mirror camera concept, includes HS790B, X5, etc, this kind of mirror camera aimed at replacing the traditional optical rearview mirror, provides a clearer picture at a greater angle for the drivers. the mirror camera products are equipped with huge full screen, more than three times of viewing angle, anti-glare, night vision, not afraid of the rainy and foggy weather, there is no doubt that mirror camera is an impressive improvement compared with optical rearview mirror in terms of vehicle safety and rearview experience.


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