We at AZDOME welcome all wholesalers. Do not hesitate to contact us at info2@azdome.hk with a list of your preferred products. Please state the country of purchase in the title. We will offer you exclusive wholesale prices.


Wholesale Account Requests:

1. Please understand, third-party retail of AZDOME products on Amazon is prohibited as we already have official stores. We welcome you to sell globally on third-party websites; either via your own website or local store.

2. For wholesale orders to the US/UK/DE/Other European countries in which orders can be shipped within 3 days, orders will be fulfilled from local warehouses in the corresponding areas. For orders to areas outside of those previously mentioned, orders will be shipped from China and can take additional time to ship.

Please note: we are NOT responsible for covering these shipping fees and that the shipping fee associated with each order is prone to vary based on the actual request (e.; product, quantity, and shipping destination).

3. If you are interested, please email us your product wish list andshipping country. It is encouraged and appreciated if additional, pertinent details could be included regarding your request.






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