Celebration on International Women's Day for AZDOME female employees

Celebration on International Women's Day for AZDOME female employees

In order to celebrate the Women's Day and achieve the purpose of the physical exercise, we AZDOME team organized a badminton sport for female employees on the 8th March.


At 15:00 in the afternoon, every female colleague got together on the badminton court. the competition was divided into women's singles and women's doubles. In the spirit of friendship first and competition second, our games have officially started. On the game, women who put on sportswear have become an energetic player, fighting hard for every point in every game. Although this badminton match didn't have a winner, because we had the spirit of the never yielding, everyone was a winner. AZDOME looks forward to keeping on their life and work in that spirit.


A small badminton deepen understanding among colleagues, enhance the feeling of colleagues. In addition, We believed that every female spent their holidays in healthy sports, sweated in this game and found youth and self-confidence. 


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